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High-plex Single-Cell
Spatial Omics

With CosMx

As one of the first CROs to commercialize the NanoString CosMx platform, and as a NanoString certified service provider, we have the expertise and personalized services to meet your exact project needs and help you deliver unprecedented spatial-omics insights.   

Nature Genetics Call for Spatial-omics Submissions

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CosMx SMI Features


RNA + Protein detection



1000s RNAs, 

68 proteins
1M+ cells per slide


50 nm resolution
Leading cell segmentation


1-2 copies RNA per cell, multiple probes/gene


optimized for FFPE, fresh frozen, etc.

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DxomeCLIA is a CRO providing access to the latest spatial multi-omics 3D imaging technology from NanoString.

Our CosMx spatial imaging service utilizes the CosMx platform to achieve multiomic, multiplex, sub-cellular resolution with high sensitivity from any tissue sample type, even FFPE.

Subcellular Resolution across Millions of Cells with CosMx SMI Technology

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CosMx Service for Complete Workflow
- From
Slide to Result 


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Sample Preparation

Binding Target-Specific Probes on FFPE/Fresh

  • Not fluorescently labled

  • Coded with binding sites for fluorescent readout reagents

  • Protein-based cell segmentation markers 


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Cyclic Readout

​ Cycling Readout Reagents for     Fluorescence Imaging

  • Fluorescent dye-labeled reporters

  • Cyclic ISH to cycle on/off flourescent reporters that bind target-specific probes

  • In situ imaging (no sequencing)


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Data Processing & Analysis

​Decoding, Normalization, and Data Analysis

  • "Spot-finding", combinatorial decoding and mapping

  • AtoMx Spatial Informatics Platform (cloud-based, scalable, interactive)


Cell Atlasing/Typing

Discover and map cell

types using expression

profiles of known RNA

and protein targets


Biomarker Discovery

Reveal differential gene

expression and pathways in the same cell types  depending on their spatial location


Disease State

Visualize and quantify

molecular (RNA / protein)

& cellular organizational changes in a tissue


Tissue Microenvrionment

Understand cellular

neighborhoods by examining individual

cells & their interacting

neighboring cells


Ligand-Receptor Interaction

Analyze expression and

interactions of up to 100

classic ligand-receptor pairs between

interacting cells



RNA Assay


CosMx™ Human Universal Cell Characterization RNA Panel

Profile expression of 1000 highly curated targets at subcellular resolution and customize with up to 50 of your own targets.


CosMx™ Human Immuno-Oncology Panel

Profile expression of 100 transcripts covering immune cells, their activities, and aspects of tumor biology relevant to IO therapies, and customize with up to ten of your own targets.


CosMx™ Mouse Neuroscience Panel

In today's globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.

CosMx™ Human 6K Discovery Panel

Profile the most significant genes across every biological pathway​ + over 400 ligand-receptor pairs.


Protein Assay


CosMx™ Human Immuno-Oncology Protein Panel

high-plex spatial analysis of more than 64 proteins from a single FFPE slide at subcellular resolution


CosMx™ Mouse Neuroscience Protein Panel

high-plex spatial analysis of up to 68 proteins from a single FFPE slide at subcellular resolution

Now Available!

Why Dxome?

Spatial focused

We are a CLIA and CAP-accredited lab with a CRO service focused completely on high-plex spatial omics. As one of the first CROs to operationalize the cosmx platform and with our dedicated focus, we deliver both quality results and a great customer experience. You will have direct access to all members of the team from start to finish to make sure your needs are met directly by the team working on your project. We also have multiple instruments online to get you the data you need without delay.

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